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No Matter Who And How Just When and Where!


 maximus app

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PostSubject: maximus app   maximus app EmptyWed Sep 28, 2011 5:49 am

Name and Age?
Maximus Alexander

What timezone are you in?
CET (Romania Gmt+2)

What is your position on rolling spec toons?
in all guilds i play i use to roll holly spec and meel spec...also mage spec( neph mage warlock)

Do you have or are you willing to download and use Ventrillo/Team Speak?
atm not at home but in december ill be on for vent and sb Smile

List all previous guild?
omg ok... befor wipe (old servers redemption,morgning,wrath-societas daemonica;wrath of seraphim;dragonscale...)
after wipe (thurin and malog-wrath of seraphim:dragonscale;polania;regulators of sin...Ravens of War) :p i'm a veteran Smile

What is your experience with Shadowbane?
since 2003 sb player Very Happy

What is your experience with gaming in general?
mmorpg(wow;sb;shaiya;aion;lineage;heroes 5...also other games like fps;strategy;race...

Are you open minded about criticism/advice or do you prefer to figure it out alone?
of cores i like criticism...i accept advice and also i can give advice to any one need's info abot spac builds or others Very Happy

Do you prefer to experiment with builds or stick to a select few toons that you enjoy?
i love to experiment new builds every day cous is boring to sit on 1 only build :p...but i got also my fav toon (assy)

What is your preferred role in a group?
if is mage grupe-nuker if is holy i like partial healer and dispel buff-debuffer...if is mixt grup full damage( mage and rogue assy)

In a brief paragraph, describe your playstyle?
if i play rogues lihe assy or unarmed/degger thief then i'm a hide-hit-run-dance stancer Wink if i play fighter i like def builds like shade deflock...and if i play my fav toon (neph mage asssassin) well...that's a professional playstyle cous u need a buffing crew* for more info abot assy mage playstyle pm me and i'll see what i can do for u :p Smile
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maximus app
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